Safety Support

For new construction, shut-down or maintenance projects, DISC Belgium offers safety expertise support on a full-time basis for the duration of the project. The standard profile for a safety expert is shown below:

  • Depending on the project requirements: educational level Safety Consultant level 2, 1 or student, and various related courses, such as VCA Full, Industrial First Aiders (Nijverheidshelper), etc.
  • Project-based practical experience in industrial environments
  • Strong in co-ordination and coaching 
  • Communicative, assertive and a team player
  • Veiligheidskundige die het naleven van de vooropgestelde veiligheidsvoorschriften bewaakt, risico’s herkent op de werkvloer en bijstuurt indien nodig. Hij coördineert, instrueert en rapporteert op V&G vlak, woont vergaderingen bij, biedt veiligheidskundige ondersteuning waar nodig, dit in overleg met de klant.

Depending on the level of support desired for your internal safety policy, safety consultants can also be assigned to support you in carrying out Risk Inventory and Evaluations (RIE), preparing Task-Risk Analyses (TRA), incident investigations, etc.

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