SAMS 1.01


SAMS 1.01

The Safety Attitude Management System (SAMS 1.01) was developed by DISC Belgium bvba. This system places a great deal of importance on welfare and wishes to improve safety and safe conduct inside organisations. 
SAMS 1.01 is intended as a supporting safety programme in your company. SAM – ‘Safety and Me’ – is the central focus of your campaign, a means of creating a shared awareness of safety and the need for prevention in support of a dynamic risk-management system.
SAMS 1.01 is a new ‘safety attitude management’ programme that supports a dynamic safety process at all levels of the company.

Aims of SAMS 1.01

  • Reduce the likelihood of incidents by promoting ‘safety as a company value’
  • Support the development of a safe attitude by emphasising and rewarding safe (=positive) behaviour and raising awareness of risky behaviour
  • Praktische ondersteuning bieden aan een dynamisch preventie- en veiligheidsbeleid zonder overlapping met taken en verantwoordelijkheden van CPBW of IDPBW (CPBW= Comité Preventie en Bescherming op het Werk – IDPBW= Interne Dienst Preventie en Bescherming op het Werk)
  • Providing practical support to a dynamic safety policy without interfering with the tasks and responsibilities of the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPBW) and the Internal Services for Prevention and Protection at Work (IDPBW)
  • Creating a working environment where everyone has the chance to work safely
  • Seeing safety as part of the job rather than as an additional requirement

Reducing the likelihood of incidents

  • Preventing accidents by acknowledging and promoting safe rather than risky behaviour 
  • Developing positive safety attitudes 
  • Strengthening safe behaviour at all levels 
  • Through the creation of a SAM working group and the implementation of several Safe Action Modules on the work floor, identifying hazards and risks and providing input for taking further action.

Whom is it for

All companies who care about safety and wish to reduce accidents

Role of DISC Belgium

Providing the SAMS programme and implementing it within a given organization.

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