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Our Philosophy

Stimulate health and safety by giving appreciation. Safety is extremely important for MTN, and MTN wishes to strengthen the term safety, by rewarding or stimulating exemplary behaviour.

In our view, communication in our modern society is often confusing and burdened with negative emotional charges. We are convinced that positive and clear communications should be a priority. A well-meant and motivated pat on the back says more in this instance than 1000 words. An old proverb says that pictures say more than words.

You should therefore stimulate safety, by giving your surroundings or organisation a positive frame of mind regarding safety, or by rewarding people or companies that are an example of good safety by providing visual ‘safety reminders’. Rewards give us recognition, and they are a powerful motivation for ongoing and further action.

All of this with one objective in mind: Keeping safe and sound.

Who we are

This product line was created by Nathaly Taillieu, in cooperation with the Belgian artist Myriam Feys.

Nathaly Taillieu was born on 17 October 1976 in Roeselare, Belgium. By education she is a criminologist and prevention adviser. She has long-term experience in the area of prevention consulting, with special emphasis on stimulating welfare on the workfloor. She has also been the Managing Director of DISC Belgium since 2004, where she has been managing an inspired to team of prevention consultants in a professional and enthusiastic way.

Myriam Feys was born on 19 October 1952 in Roeselare, Belgium. Her work as an artist originates in a passionate skill in modelling and an unbridled fantasy. This all began years ago, when the artist Annie Vanlerberghe introduced her to the basic techniques of modelling. Bitten by a creative bug, and supported by Annie, Myriam Feys began an artistic development that ended in her becoming a teacher.

N. Taillieu and M. Feys share of the same creative wavelength. After an idea has come up, work is immediately started with the conviction that this will be the challenge of the year. Together with the manufacturer, colleagues and other persons involved in this project, they have worked intensively on building up MTN Creation.

From design to reality

Everything starts with an idea. With the right people and the right resources, we have, as if by magic, converted our idea into the MTN Creation line.

Samen met de fabrikant, collega’s en alle andere betrokkenen bij dit project hebben N. Taillieu en kunstenares M. Feys intensief gewerkt aan deze intrigerende ontdekkingstocht tot de ontwikkeling MTN Creation. Dank aan allen voor het helpen verwezenlijken van deze geweldige uitdaging.