Safety Co-ordination

For industrial building projects, DISC Belgium organises safety co-ordination. In accordance with the Royal Decree on Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites, DISC Belgium assigns level A or B safety co-ordinators on your industrial building project. 

The following services are provided during your project:

During the design phase

  • Preparation and maintenance of safety and health plan
  • Creation and maintenance co-ordination journal
  • Creation of a post-intervention file
  • Setting up a co-ordination structure (if applicable; for level A projects)

During the emplementation phase

  • Job site visits by the co-ordinator in safety and health matters
  • The number of visits will depend on the project. On average, one visit per week or once every two weeks. The job site will be visited at least during the critical phase(s); during the visits, observations will be noted and reported. Any critical phases should be stated in the safety & health plan
  • Attending progress meetings
  • If necessary, in consultation with the client, additional job site visits will be carried out
  • Chairing the co-ordination structure meetings (if applicable)

At the end of the assignment 

  • Completion and delivery of the post-intervention file
  • All of the aforementioned co-ordination instruments are handed over to the site manager/client at the moment of provisional acceptance

Does your project needs safety co-ordination?

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